Winter has arrived early in Colorado and Southside Auto Repair is here to help with winter car care tips. Some people have the fortune of having a heated garage; however, there are many more people who do not. Leaving your car exposed to extreme temperatures of any kind is not kind to your car.

1. Leaking: 

Changes in temperature causes a melt and refreeze situation. If there is acumulated water in the transmission, brake or power steering systems, the water can freeze causing a rupture. Wherever there are ruptures, there are bound to be leaks. Taking care of your car by warming it up before your drive and having the fluids flushed can prevent a more expensive maintenance bill down the road.

2. Salt and Chemicals:

Another of the winter car care tips is that the chemicals and salt solutions distributed by the local sand truck can wreak havoc on any metal surfaces and destroy your car’s paint. If your car sits out on the street, the paint will be vulnerable to the splashes of passing cars and snow-plough spray. Make sure to wash your vehicle as frequently as possible during the winter months with special attention to the undercarriage of your car.

3. Fluid Viscosity:

Another aspect to consider regarding winter car care is colder temperatures can thicken the transmission, oil and antifreeze fluids in your car. Thicker fluids can lead to greater pressure being applied to these systems and the seals may be affected, causing leaks. A good rule of thumb is to warm up your car before driving. Of course, the colder the weather, the longer the warm-up. Below freezing may require a minimum of 10 mins.

4. Battery:

A dead battery is the number one effect that cold temperatures have on your car. Consider the age of your battery before those winter temperatures hit. Of course, this all depends on how low your average winter temps go but you might want to consult with one of our service professionals at Southside Auto Repair about a recommendation on when you should purchase a new battery.

5. Tire Pressure:

In Colorado, the drastic fluctuations in wintertime temperatures are legendary! The constant expansion and contraction can weaken a tire and compromise its integrity, causing uneven wear and may even be subject to blowouts. At the very least, that annoying tire pressure light keeps popping on! Maintaining the health of your tires by having them checked for cracking and slow leaks is certainly worth the time and your safety.

6. Windshield Cracks and Chips:

Parking your car on the road will expose your car’s windshield not only to cold temperatures this winter; it will also expose it to flying debris from snowplows and other passing vehicles. Simply throwing a blanket over your car’s windshield can save you from having to replace it.

If you have any further questions regarding winter care care or need help with getting your car ready for the winter, feel free to contact Southside Auto Repair — we are here to help!

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