We depend on our vehicles to reliably get us where we need to go. Whether we use our car for our daily commute to work or take us somewhere fun, we hardly ever consider the fact that our vehicle could leave us stranded. There are so many things that can go wrong with your car; however, here are the 5 most common car problems.

1. Flat Tires

Having a flat tire is the number one reason for becoming stranded on the road. Running over sharp objects is not the only cause for flat tires. Uneven wear or over-wear results in tire cracks and slow leaks. The professionals at Southside Auto Repair provide tire rotation service and consultation on how often your tires should be rotated.

2. Faulty Alternator

Your battery may be in good shape; however, if your alternator is failing the battery will lose its charge supply causing even a new battery to wear out. Having your alternator checked as recommended during your scheduled maintenance check-ups can save you both frustration and some cash.

3. Overheated Engine

How many times have you seen some poor person standing next to their car, hood open, with steam pouring out from underneath the hood? Don’t let this be you. Scheduled radiator flushes and periodic water pump inspections can greatly reduce overheating problems.

4. Brake Problems

It is equally as important to be able to stop as it is to be able to go. While temporary minor squeaking can be due to dust or moisture, a persistent squeaking or grinding may indicate something much more serious. If your brakes begin to feel soft and it takes a little longer for your car to respond, definitely have your breaks checked. This is a matter of safety. Better yet, have your brakes checked during your regularly scheduled maintenance visits. Keep your brakes in top shape — your life could depend on it.

5. Decreased Miles Per Gallon

The last of the 5 most common car problems is decreasing fuel economy. Have you noticed that you are needing to stop more frequently at the gas station? Are you paying more for your daily commute than in the past even though gas prices are relatively the same? Most people make the mistake of just assuming it is because their car is “just getting older”. This may not be the case. By scheduling fuel filter, air filter changes and assuring that your 02 and airflow sensors are clean, you can help your vehicle get its optimal miles per gallon. Couple this with keeping your tires inflated to the factory recommended pressure and the result will be fewer trips to the pump!

If you have any further questions or would like to schedule your vehicle for a check-up, the car care professionals at Southside Auto Repair would be happy to assist you. A safe and reliable vehicle for you and those you love is our priority.

Safe Driving!