The history of the tire and its constant evolution is a fun consideration. Low profile tires began their life on the race track. Today, they are seen on every highway and on every type of vehicle. Before you rush out to put down some cash on this new trend, here are the pros and cons of low profile tires.

 Low Profile Tires — The Pros

1) The first reason why people buy low profile tires is because they like the way they look. They add a sporty and edgy look to any vehicle.

2) Low profile tires have larger rims and as a result, require larger hardware for the brakes. Most importantly, this translates into more breaking power.

3) Low profile tires have less rolling resistance because of the short and ridged sidewalls. Less resistance equals better gas mileage!

4) Low Profile tires began their life on the race track because of the increased handling they provide on the road. As a result, these tires are best known for their road hugging maneuverability on smooth road surfaces. This is definitely a big check mark in the pro category.

Low Profile Tires — The Cons

1) Low profile tires tend to get flat more often. Less air in the air means the tire will deflate more quickly.

2) The suspension for low profile tires are made for smooth surfaces.Be prepared for a bumpy ride if your vehicle is not configured for low profile tires.

3) Low profile tires are more easily damaged. A regular tire can absorb quite a bit of shock when traversing over a small pothole. The low profile tire may sustain some damage. Bent rims and punctured tires are the most common damage forms of damage to these tires.

4) Low profile tires are not efficient on wet roads. Icy conditions these tire’s nemesis. As a matter of fact, they are very poor performers on slick roads, rough roads, roads that are not well maintained and gravel roads.

Consider your driving habits, location and climate before deciding on low profile tires. We hope this quick-tip information on the pros and cons of low profile tires was helpful. If you still have questions as to whether or not low profile tires will fit your driving lifestyle, contact the tire professionals at Southside Auto. We are here to keep you safely on the road and looking good.



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