Good air quality is a must for maintaining our health. Millions of people have respiratory illnesses and are stuck their cars, driving several hours a week while breathing in the dust, pollen and other pollutants circulating in their car. Dirty air filters (both in our vehicles and our homes) affect our quality of life because they are the leading cause of allergy flare-ups and seasonal colds. Change your cabin air filter and breathe easier for a healthy ride.

Your Health

 People spend a lot of time in their vehicles. As a result, good air quality is a must.  A dirty cabin filter will create an unhealthy environment to breathe in. Some side effects of poor air quality are headaches, fatigue and a persistent cough. Of course, asthma and hay fever are not the only two respiratory conditions that are exacerbated by poor air quality. People with COPD, CHF, Cystic Fibrosis, various neurological diseases, Reactive Airway et al., require fresh, clean airflow in their vehicles. Good air quality can mean fewer trips to the doctor.

Your Vehicle’s Health

Change your air filters on a regular basis. This is the least expensive way to improve the quality of your car’s HVAC system.  In addition, by changing your air filters frequently, you will also save money on repair costs.  Clean air filters are a must for optimum airflow efficiency. Dirty filters make your heating and cooling systems work harder to circulate air throughout your vehicle. This will result in greater strain being placed on the motor.  Poor airflow causes motors to overheat.  Poor airflow will also result in shorting the life of the system. Repair bills can be eliminated by simply changing your air filters according to your owners manual’s instructions.

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