Spark Plugs do not need to be changed that often. However, having your spark plugs changed according to your manufacture’s guidelines can prevent costly repairs. Here are some signs that your spark plugs may need changing.

1) More visits to the pump

More frequent visits to the gas station could be an indicator that your spark plugs need to be changed. Your engine will not be running efficiently if the spark plugs are not firing properly.

2) Poor acceleration

If you notice that your car has lost its “get up and go”, the culprit could be due to poorly firing spark plugs. This causes the engine to work harder. As a result, you will be spending more money at the pump.

3) Trouble starting the engine

Spark plugs provide the spark that powers the engine. You might want to have your spark plugs checked if it takes several tries to get your motor started.

4) Rough idling

Take a little listen to your engine next time you are at a red light. Sounds of struggling or knocking may also be another sign that your spark plugs need to be changed.

In addition to these signs that your spark plugs may need changing, there is the Check Engine light. However, this indicator can be activated by several different engine problems. The auto repair experts at Southside Auto Repair operate specialized diagnostic equipment that will able to ascertain whether the problem is your spark plugs or something else.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or questions about when to replace your spark plugs or need to schedule an appointment.

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