Winter is slowly fading away and giving way to spring. This winter was tough on you and your car. It’s time to get out and about! Make sure to give your vehicle a going-over before heading out on that spring road trip. Here are four spring car care tips.

Check Your Tires

Winter roads are hard on tires. The sand, salt and chemicals that are applied to roads during the winter are harsh. Check for tire wear, cracks or embedded debris in your tires. Check the tire pressure. Temperature variations can cause tire pressure fluctuations.

Alignment and Suspension

With winter weather comes rough roads and potholes. You will also want to check your wheel alignment and suspension. Poor alignment can put uneven wear on your tires. Uneven tire wear lessens maneuverability and can cause unsafe driving conditions. That suspension takes a beating in the winter. Smooth out that ride for your warm-weather road trips!

Check Wiper Blades

Wiper blades meet their greatest challenge in the winter. Freezing rain and snow will damage your wiper blades in just one season. Look for cracks and chips on your blades. Test them out by pouring water over your windshield while the wipers are running.  Are there streaks, smudges or areas that your wipers are just not making adequate contact? Good wipers create good visibility. Good visibility enhances safety.

Look Under the Hood

Pop that hood and take a peek. Are the hoses in good condition? Are there any cracks or leaks anywhere in the engine compartment? How are your fluid levels? If you don’t feel confident to check out the engine compartment, give the auto experts at Southside Auto Repair a call. They will be glad to help with your spring maintenance!

So, consider these four spring car care tips before you plan that springtime drive! Once again, if you have any questions during your spring car check-up, give Southside Auto Repair a call. They will assist you with all your car care needs.

Safe Travels

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