Are the roads seeming to be a little more rough than just a month ago? Maybe it isn’t the roads. Perhaps it’s your suspension. When was the last time you had your suspension checked? We usually ignore the little bumps and sways at first. However, ignoring the problem can cost you money. Here are a few warning signs that your suspension needs attention.


Feeling every bump in the road is a classic sign that your suspension needs attention. If the ride is bumpy (and the road not so much), it is time to have your suspension checked. A rough ride can lead to other car troubles due to persistent jolting.

You can also try the bounce test. When the car is parked, lean all your weight on the front end — then release. Does it bounce more than three times? It’s time for new shocks/struts.

Pulling To One Side

Suspension is usually not the first thing people think of when the car pulls in one direction. The reason for this is because there are many other causes that may make your vehicle  pull. Pulling may be caused by poor tire wear, a sticking brake caliper, a bad steering rack, or tie rods. It’s best to have your vehicle diagnosed when it is pulling.

Slight Fender Bender?

Even a slow-roll fender bender can cause problems with your suspension. After a collision of any magnitude, it is best to have your vehicle thoroughly inspected. The car may seem alright after an incident; however, problems may develop from the unseen damage over time. It does not take much to misalign a vehicle or damage components of the suspension.


Does your vehicle feel like it is overreacting to every turn or stop you make? Does your car seem to squat when you accelerate, nose-dive when you stop, or roll when turning corners?  Don’t ignore these signs. These actions are a sure indication that something is up with the shocks or struts. It’s time to get your vehicle checked out and back safely on the road.

Just by noticing these few warning signs that your suspension needs attention, you can save on your car’s overall repair bill. Come and see the automotive specialists at Southside Auto. We will gladly answer any of your suspension questions as well as perform any suspension maintenance or repair.

Happy Travels!

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