Everyone is starting to feel the rise in gas prices. Even if you don’t drive much, the cost of goods is going up. How high are gas and diesel prices going to go? You can expect more of your paycheck going out your exhaust pipe, especially if you commute to work. Here are a few interesting tips on saving money at the pump.

Turn Your Engine Off  While Waiting

Did you know that your car is actually wasting gas after about 7 to 10 seconds of idling? Waiting at the drive-thru with your car engine running is the same as burning money while you wait. Turn your engine off if you are going to be sitting for a minute or two. It takes less gas to start your engine than to let it idle for two or three minutes.

Lighten Your Load

Open your trunk. Take inventory of all the items that can be removed from your trunk. Remember, your trunk is not a storage unit. You might be thinking, “but I don’t want to have to put items in my trunk every time I need them.” Toting heavy items in your trunk will cost you at the pump. Also, consider removing any bike racks or heavy roof racks when not in use. Your wallet will thank you.

Buy a Tire Gauge

Check your tire pressure once or twice a month even if your ‘check tire’ light has not turned on. By the time this indicator light turns on, the tire is already about 20% lower than its recommended PSI. Tires that are low on air increase gas consumption. For every pound that your tires are low, you reduce your gas mileage by about 0.2%. It all adds up.

Run All Your Errands in One Trip

It’s best to combine your trips if you are thinking about fuel economy. Planning your trips usually leads to fewer miles as well as time saved! Even if combining trips results in more mileage, a cold engine uses more gas than a warm engine. So, plan a little.

A Few More Quick Tips

1. Do you have a gas rewards card? You could be saving three cents off per gallon of gas. In addition, if you use a grocery store fuel points card, there are more savings to be had.

2. Also, not driving with a lead foot will save you from frequent trips to the pump.

3. Try some money-saving gas apps like Gas Buddy, Fuelzee and Gas Guru.


We hope these few interesting tips on saving money at the pump will help you save some of your hard earned cash. Of course, a well tuned vehicle can also save you money at the pump. Give the auto care experts at Southside Auto Repair a call. They will help keep your car in optimum running condition.

Happy Travels!

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