Our vehicles are constantly communicating with us. We may hear little squeaks, feel the extra bumpiness, or the dreaded indicator light goes on. Sometimes we tend to ignore the proddings of our car and push it a bit further before taking any action. However, when it comes to our brakes, warning signs should never be ignored. What are your brakes trying to tell you?

Don’t Ignore Your Brake Light

When the brake indicator light goes on, it could indicate that they are due for a check-up. However, it could also be a signal the there is something wrong. This is one indicator light that you do not want to ignore.

Mushy Brake Pedal

Your brakes may be telling you it’s time for repairs when you press the pedal and the pedal sinks farther than usual to come to a stop. If the pedal sinks to the floorboard, it is time for immediate attention! There might be a problem with the master cylinder or air/moisture could be in the braking system.

Steering Wheel Shake with Braking

If your steering wheel shakes when applying your brakes, this could indicate uneven rotor wear. The brake pads press on rotors to cause the slowing of the vehicle. If the rotors are not smooth, there will be steering wheel shake with brake application.

Squeaking, Squealing and Grinding

The most ignored sound is squeaking when we apply the brakes. We tend to let this noise slide until it becomes a certain annoying decibel. Granted, it could be that there is dirt or debris in the caliper unit, however; most of the time, it means that the brake pads are worn and are rubbing against the rotor. This situation is not good. Not only are you in for new brake pads but new rotors too.

What are your brakes trying to tell you? Whatever it is — listen. Not being able to stop or slow down effectively is a hazardous situation. The auto repair specialists at Southside Auto are happy to inspect your braking system. After all, keeping you safely on the road is our business.

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