Oil changes are a common activity for well-maintained cars. There are such a variety of cars on the road these days. Our roads are traveled by old classics and the newest Teslas.  Let’s take a quick look at which motor oil is right for your vehicle.


Monograde oil is typically used in warm and ambient climates that are consistently above 40 degrees or more. This motor oil is made to protect your car’s engine in warm/hot weather and does not need to account for drastic dips in temperature.


Conventional oil is a standard motor oil. All motor oil used to be conventional until synthetics came on the scene. This oil is also less expensive than synthetics and synthetic blends because less processing is required. Lesser mileage cars can benefit from the less expensive conventional motor oil unless the manufacturer calls specifically for synthetic oil.

Synthetic Blend

Synthetic Blend motor oil provides the economy of conventional oil with the added performance of synthetic oil. If your vehicle does not require fully synthetic oil, and the odometer is over 75,000 miles, a synthetic blend is less expensive and will provide added performance for higher mileage cars.


Synthetic oil offers your engine the most protection and is the standard for many manufacturers of high-performance cars. This motor oil can withstand high temps and added protection when towing.  It is the strongest of the motor oils and the most expensive. Any other oil type cannot be used once full synthetic oil has been run through the engine.

If you have any questions as to which motor oil is right for your vehicle, give us a call at Southside Auto Repair. We would be happy to answer any of your questions and schedule you for your next oil change.

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