Are you looking to purchase a used car? Do you have an older vehicle with low miles and minimal tire wear? Do your tires on your 2015 or older vehicle still pass the penny test? You might be surprised to find out that the age of your tires can be just as much of a hazard as having worn treads. We often think our tires are new when we buy them. They are new-ish. It depends on how long they sat in the warehouse before being shipped to your local auto shop. Just how old are your tires?

Tires and Time

Rough road surfaces are not the only things that are hard on tires. Time is rather unforgiving. Over time, the components of the rubber begin to become more desiccated. This may result in unseen cracks or weaknesses in the tire wall. Add any severe weather change and a blow-out could occur. Professionals recommend that tires should be changed approximately every 6 years regardless of tread depth.

Check the Manufacture Date

Whenever you purchase a new set of tires (new or used) or a new/used car, check the manufacture date. You can find the manufacture date on the wall of the tire. Find the letters DOT. The last four numbers will indicate the age of the tire. The first two (of the four last numbers) will indicate the week and the last two the year. For example, if the last four numbers are (0720), this means this tire was made on the 7th week of 2020. Finding the manufacture date is an often-overlooked aspect of tire care.

 So, just how old are your tires? If you have any questions regarding tire integrity, give the experts at Southside Auto Repair and Tire a call. We are here to keep you and your loved ones safely on the road this holiday season.

Happy Travels!

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