Sometimes in life, it is the little things that can save you the most money. Your windshield wipers are just one of those little things. There is greater visibility with a clean windshield and greater visibility can prevent accidents. Accidents can be quite costly. Let’s take a moment and check those windshield wipers.


Pour some water on your windshield. Turn on your wipers. Are there any areas where the water seems unaffected by the blades? If there is a gap in contact between the glass and the wipers, it’s time to either have your blades adjusted or new ones installed.


Take a close look at your blades. Do you notice any cracks or uneven edges on your blades? In high altitude regions, windshield wiper blades tend to degrade more quickly due to intense sun exposure. Extreme temperature variances also shorten the life of the blades. If you live in such regions, it is best to change out your blades about every six months. This little upfront expense will help you maintain good visibility when driving in inclement weather.


Hopefully, you will not find any scratches on your windshield because you are pro-active in checking the integrity of your blades. If you hear a scratching or screeching sound when your wipers are on, turn them off as soon as you can to prevent any further damage to your windshield. Replace your blades.

Good visibility is imperative  for safe driving. Check your windshield wipers. We tend to think about the integrity of our blades only when we have to use them. Avoid the surprise of having to struggle, peering through any clear spot you can find as you slowly drive home in the storm. Let the car care professionals at Southside Auto fit your vehicle with quality blades that will easily move the rain and snow from your windshield and provide you with greater visibility.

Safe Travels!

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