Inflation is soaring to new heights. Every penny counts at the grocery store. In addition, we have not quite reached the end of chilly temps, and heating our homes is becoming much more expensive. Gas prices are rising, reaching all-time highs. Let’s try and lessen the pain at the pump. Here are 3 tips on saving money at the gas pump during cold weather.

Keep your car well-tuned

Keeping your car in good shape is imperative for optimal gas mileage. Be proactive. Put your vehicle on a scheduled maintenance program. Don’t wait until something goes wrong to bring your vehicle for potentially costly repairs. Being proactive not only saves you money at the pump but saves your wallet from more costly repairs.

Also, read your owner’s manual for any specific instructions regarding winter maintenance of your car. Some vehicles recommend another type of oil for cold weather.

Keep your car garaged

By keeping your car garaged during cold weather, the fluids and engine are able to come to optimum temperature much more quickly. A garaged car will take less energy to warm up after a cold start which will result in less gas usage. We all like to climb into a warm vehicle on a cold day (especially if we are unable to garage our car). The truth is, idling your car is a real gas guzzler. Most manufacturers recommend a 30-second warm-up and then drive it easy until the engine is able to warm up. The engine warms up more quickly when driven and the heater will warm up more quickly as well. You will be nice and toasty in no time.

Reduce the use of accessories

Try not to use seat warmers and turn off your defrosters as soon as they have done their job. This will be a tough one for most people, especially if you chose seat warmers as an add-on accessory. The more accessories you have running, the less fuel-efficient your vehicle will be.

Every little bit helps when you are trying to reduce your visits to the gas pump. These were just 3 tips on saving money at the gas pump during cold weather. There are many more gas-saving tips and information at

And, as always, feel free to give the automotive experts at Southside Auto Repair a ring to schedule your next vehicle check-up. Remember, be proactive in taking care of your vehicle — the price of new/used cars and trucks is going up too!

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