It happen to all of us. However, it never happens at a good time. You are peacefully driving along, thinking of all the things you need to do today — just like every other day — when you notice your vehicle is making a funny sound. Is it something you need to pull over for or something that can wait? Many of us just turn the radio up a bit louder and hope it will go away. Hoping just may cost you more than addressing the issue right away. Here are three car noises to pay attention to.

Knocks and Pings from Under the Hood

This is a sound that needs to be addressed right away. This knocking may speed up as you accelerate your speed. This sound is usually indicates that your engine is not firing properly. However, this sound has also been attributed to a loose or worn engine part or engine damage. Get to your mechanic right away.

Unbalanced Washing Machine

We all know that horrid sound our washing machine makes when the load is not even. Should your vehicle ever make this ruckus — pull over. This sound usually indicates that a nut has come off your wheel and is rattling around your hubcap. The wheel is no longer secure. Pull over, replace/tighten the nut properly or call roadside assistance.

Squealing when Brakes are Engaged

This is probably the most common, out of sorts sound our vehicles make.  If you can hear a high pitched squeal and/or a grinding sound when pressing your break pedal — it is definitely time to take your car to the shop. This is the sound of a severely worn break pad. The pads are so worn that the break calipers are rubbing against the rotors. This is definitely a no wait situation. A compromised braking system is very hazardous.

These are just three car noises to pay attention to. We have all heard other sounds at the most inopportune times. A great way to avoid these costly problems is to schedule regular check-ups for your vehicle. Give the automotive specialists at Southside Auto Repair a call. They will help you maintain your vehicle and keep you safely on the road.

Safe Travels!

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