Given current events, we are just not getting out and about as much as we used to. Low mileage driving to the grocery store, pharmacy and other essential services can take a toll on your car. Remember, taking care of your vehicle is considered an essential service. The professional car care staff at Southside Auto Repair are providing this essential service because reliable transportation is a must. Do not let the current situation stop you from servicing your vehicle.

In-Town Driving

For many people, these past few weeks have resulted in their vehicles sitting in the garage for several days at a time. When they have needed to run an errand, the location is generally close and in town. Constant in-town driving is known to put a lot of stress on the transmission, brakes and tires of your car.

Stops and Starts

One of the primary reasons that in-town driving is so annoying for many is the constant starting and stopping. Stop signs, traffic lights and drivers slowing for turns results in frequently tapping those brakes. Leaving a little extra room between you and the car in front can slow stopping times and the wear and tear on your braking system and tires.

Frequent stops and starts put a toll on your transmission as well. Stops and starts can also cause your transmission fluids to overheat and add to any existing problems.

Rough Road Surfaces

In-town driving is especially known for poor road surfaces, potholes and debris. Rougher road surfaces challenge your vehicle’s suspension and tire alignment over time. The occasional pothole can cause, not only suspension damage, but also tire and rim damage as well. Driving the speed limit or a little slower through rougher areas is difficult at times because we tend to be in a hurry and want to get those errands completed. However, with a little extra care, you can avoid potholes and debris, resulting in a decrease in stress on your car’s suspension and alignment.

Car Idle

Waiting to turn, waiting for the light to turn green or even waiting in a drive-thru decreases airflow and can cause your vehicle to overheat. When driving in town, idling your vehicle is a given. With increased, short, in-town drives, it is important to make sure your cooling system is up to par.

We wish everyone well during this trying time. We hope these few tips regarding low mileage driving will keep you safely on the road as you run those errands and continue conducting essential business. For further questions or to schedule maintenance for your vehicle, please feel free to contact Southside Auto Repair either through our website ( or by phone.

Safe Travels!

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