Travel restrictions are being gradually lifted and as a result, many of us will take to the road for a nice, long break from our homes. Gas prices are low and it seems the opportune time for a road trip. The car care professionals at Southside Auto Repair are here to assist you by maintaining your vehicle in road-worthy shape.  Here are a few quick tips for summer road trips to help keep your vacation road trip trouble-free.

Keeping it cool

The first thing we think of when considering our summertime comfort is air conditioning. The ride to our vacation spot should be comfortable and stress-free. After all, we are on vacation! Check the air conditioning system by letting it run for a few minutes. If it takes too long to cool down or there is a musty odor, there may be an airflow problem with the filter.

Clean Air Filters:

Road dust and debris are the nemeses of filters. Proper airflow is a must for efficiently operating motors. Insufficient airflow causes strain to be placed on the motor and will result in an overheating. All of the filters in your vehicle should be changed regularly so that your car can run more efficiently. The more efficiently your vehicle runs, the more money you save on gas.

Check Those Fluids

The vital fluids in your car are just that – vital. The vital fluids are responsible for keeping your engine in smooth running order and preventing overheating. Engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, power steering and transmission fluid are all vital fluids.

You may want to check for any leaking of vital fluids before you embark on your trip. Take your car for a spin for about 10 minutes. Turn off the engine and let it cool a bit. Check under the car for any fluid leakage. Even a small amount can certainly add up over time. You may have done your due diligence in filling up all the fluid reservoirs; however, undetected leaks lead to unwanted surprises during your trip.

The Three B’s

Faulty belts, batteries and brakes are the most common reasons for roadside breakdowns. Why? Because, in general, these are the most overlooked when people engage in a long-distance road trip. Having your belts, batteries and brakes inspected on a regular basis is a good practice whether you are travelling long distances or not.


When driving for long periods of time, sun glare and nighttime driving can become a real issue. Make sure your windshield wipers are in good condition and that you have plenty on windshield wiper fluid on hand.  On a long road trip, the windshield can develop road grime and cause glare, thus decreasing visibility and safety. Also, check those headlights to make sure they are operating properly and are bright enough with good visibility for nighttime driving. Check turn signals and brake lights so as to make sure others can see you as well.

We hope these few quick tips for summer road trips will assist you with your plans for a safe and comfortable road trip. Schedule a time to have your car inspected before you set out on your next summer adventure. At Southside Auto Repair, we look forward to making your journey as pleasant as your destination.

Drive Safe!

Southside Auto Repair

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