We all like to spruce up our cars a bit because we spend quite a bit of time in them.  The average American spends 18 days driving per year, with an average of eight hours and 22 minutes per week, a OnePoll study conducted on behalf of Cooper Tire found. (The Car Connection). We like to feel at home wherever we are and feel good about our vehicles. However, here are a few facts about changing your vehicle’s appearance that you may be unaware of.

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are becoming quite popular. No longer are they being used just for advertising your business. Many are wrapping their personal vehicles for various reasons. Some just want to change the color of their car. Others want to cover up a tired looking paint job. Then, there are those who really want to express their personality or interests. It is certainly a great way of making your car look new.

Now your vehicle looks terrific! If your vehicle just had accents applied or if you had a full wrap done for advertising, you are good to go. However, there is one more step if you changed the entire color of your car. According to Colorado law, you will need to report a color change of the vehicle within thirty days.  CO Rev Stat § 42-3-126 (2016)

License Plate Holders

We see them everywhere… those decorative license plate holders that express the driver’s interests and personality. Some have palm trees and others may tell the person behind them where they went to college. However, this bit of bling can actually get you a ticket if you are not careful.

All license plates must be easily read. You may run the risk of being pulled over if any portion of the license number is obscured.  In addition, there are license plate protectors that are clear; however, there are those especially made to create a reflective glare so that traffic cams cannot capture the number on the plate. Needless to say, even though they look cool — they are illegal.

Rearview Mirror Bling

We all have things hanging from our rearview mirrors. Face it, it’s a convenient place. It is a place where we may also hang all kinds of memorabilia and pretty things on strings. The quantity and the size of the items can obscure full view of the road. Once again, you could be stopped and cited.

One pretty thing on a string you definitely do not want to hang on your rearview mirror is a crystal. Yes, they do look fabulous but have been known to start car fires! Have you ever burned paper using a magnifying glass angled at the sun? A crystal (or prismed glass) can cause the same effect. So you might want to stash the shiny bling in your glove compartment when your car is parked and unattended.

Quality is Your Best Upgrade

Quality is the most important of these few facts about changing your vehicle’s appearance. The most practical way to spend your money on vehicle’s appearance is by increasing the quality of your vehicle’s components. Sometimes we cheap out on our tires, windshield wipers, filters, batteries and engine repairs to save a little money. As the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for”.  In fact, we end up spending more over the long run on cheaper products. If your car does not run efficiently, it really does not matter if you have a fantastic looking license plate holder or that wicked new car wrap. No one will see it because your car will be stuck in the garage.

So, the best place to start with upgrading your car’s appearance is investing in good tires for your car. The auto repair and tire specialists at Southside Auto Repair can assist you with finding the best quality tires for your vehicle. Give us a call because we are experts at keeping your fabulous ride on the road.

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