The weather is warming up and the air conditioning in your car is getting a workout. Does your car’s a/c smell? One sign that all may not be well with your a/c unit is any unusual smells after turning it on. Strange smells can be dangerous and should always be checked by a service professional right away.

Sweet Smells

If you turn on your air conditioner and smell a sweet odor, this could indicate an antifreeze leak in the system. A leak test will need to be run by a professional mechanic. Aerated antifreeze can be a real health hazard. Get this checked immediately.

Musty Odors

It is common that the very first time the air conditioning is turned on, a musty odor is present. This could be a sign of mold inside the cooling system itself. You can try running your heater on high to help dry out the area. If this does not eliminate the smell, you will want to have the unit checked out by a professional car care specialist because inhaling mold spores can affect your health.

Smelling Gas

A faulty or unsecured gas cap may be the cause of smelling gas when turning on the a/c in your vehicle. Check the condition of your gas cap and then retry turning on your air conditioner. If this does not fix your odor problem, it could indicate a gas leak — which is quite dangerous. This situation should be checked out immediately by a service professional.

You can check the health of your vehicle’s a/c with your nose! Does your car’s a/c smell? If it does, the professionals at Southside Auto Repair will be happy to help keep your vehicle’s air conditioning odor-free! Give us a call to schedule your summer maintenance appointment today!

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